Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Many crypto enthusiasts are attracted to cryptocurrencies with unusual features. Pi Network (PI) is a virtual currency that can easily be mined from a smartphone. Pi Network (PI) is claimed to be the first cryptocurrency that can easily be mined using a mobile app.

This claim isn’t all that remarkable. This claim is not hard to dispute, as Monero was the first digital currency to offer a Minergate app. The striking thing about mining Pi is that it doesn’t use resources from your phone. This means that you won’t notice any changes in your phone’s performance when mining. Pi mining will not drain your phone’s battery. We all know how much energy mining other cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, in particular) takes. Mining crypto with very little resources can be quite exciting.

What is Pi mining? How do you mine Pi? It is worth trying? This article will provide the answers.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a social currency that can be mined using a smartphone. Pi Day was March 14, 2019, when it was launched. It is the work of the “Core Team”, a group made up of Stanford alumni. It is planned to go through three phases: beta and testnet.

This coin’s mining isn’t as energy-intensive as other cryptocurrency. Pi Network’s developers aim to create a blockchain using Stellar Consensus Protocol. It will improve efficiency and reduce the cost of resources. Drake’s security circle will make the network more user-friendly.

A security circle is a group made up of three to five trusted people. It ensures that its members do not commit fraud. Each security circle creates a trust graph that protects the cryptocurrency. Pi Network is able to avoid relying on energy-consuming validation mechanisms such as proof-of-work (PoW), which are used by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

What is the Value of Pi

Pi is no longer exchangeable, meaning that it cannot be traded after October 2021. It should not be discouraged. The developers of Network Pi expect Pi holders to be able convert their virtual coins into real money when the mainnet phase is completed. Two options were envisaged for cashing out:

  • Pi Marketplace where Pi holders can buy products and services.
  • Pi Network would be listed on crypto exchanges. This would allow the conversion of the coin to fiat money (US dollars, euro, etc.). A quick exchange such as allows conversion of Pi Network to another cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum, etc.). easily. Our exchange currently supports over 350 cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Pi holders can exchange their coins for any cryptocurrency they prefer without having to worry about liquidity issues.

Is it worth mining a coin with no current value? Each user can decide. Pi Network does not require you to invest money. You don’t need to spend resources. You don’t have to spend any resources to learn how you can mine Pi from your smartphone.

How does PI mining work?

You can try Pi crypto mining by following the steps below.

  • Get the Pi Network mining app.
  • Register for a Pi Network Account by opening the app. It is possible to do this using either your mobile number or your Facebook account. For easier authentication, it is recommended that you use your mobile number.
  • Enter your address and phone number.
  • Create your password and confirm it.
  • Enter your surname and name. Your real name is best. You can also choose a username.
  • Once you have submitted all information, you will need to enter your referral code. It can be obtained from an acquaintance who is already a member on Pi Network. You can also Google it.
  • Once you have entered the code, you will be able to mine Pi cryptocurrency. To do this, tap the light button that will appear on your screen.

You should be aware of a few points. To prove that you are not a bot, you must log in to the app each day. In the total section, you can see how much Pi you have mined per hour. Pi Network was launched with a mining speed at 3.1 Pi/h. The speed drops to 3.1 Pi/h when there are more active users. It will eventually become impossible to mine Pi in this manner. However, transaction fees will still be paid to miners at this point.

Why Mine PI?

Pi is currently not of any value, but the Core Team is working hard to create something of value. The Core Team members have created a whitepaper that outlines their vision and goals. Their plans include having developers create apps on the Pi network, and to benefit from the large community that has been created. Although the Core Team can’t guarantee success, they are working hard to make the project a success. You can keep your Pi coins safe in your smartphone. This will also serve as your wallet. You’ll be able cash out your Pi holdings once the Pi Network project has reached the mainnet phase.

Pi Network (PI), Mining Profitability in 2022

There are four ranks for Pi Network miners. You can earn more Pi coins depending on your rank.

  • Pioneer. This is the base level, which you receive upon signing up. It currently allows mining at 0.39 Pi/h.
  • Contributor. This level can be obtained by mining Pi for three consecutive days.
  • Ambassador. This level is earned by inviting new Pi Network users. You can increase your earnings by inviting people to mine Pi.
  • Node. This level corresponds to miners who connect additional hardware to Pi Network. This level is currently under development.

Keep in mind, however, that your Pi holdings cannot be withdrawn or exchanged at the moment. Pi cannot be withdrawn or exchanged.


Pi Network is a fascinating project in the crypto world. Its goal is to be a social and inclusive crypto currency. It will be protected by ordinary people through mutual trust. Anyone with a smartphone can mine. This sounds fantastic, but does it actually work? It’s possible to give it a shot and wait to see what the developers come up with. You won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.


Are Pi’s Mineral Resources Worth It?

Pi currently has no value. You would only be mining virtual coins. You could cash out your Pi holdings if the founders create something of value in future. The founders can’t guarantee that the project will succeed. It is up to you whether or not you are willing to put a bit of your time into Pi mining.

Is Pi a real cryptocurrency?

Pi is not yet a true cryptocurrency if it has a value you can use to exchange for fiat money, or any other digital coins.

What is the Maximum Pi You Can Mine in One Day?

The basic mining rate was 0.39 Pi/h as of October 2021. You can mine Pi 24 hours per day so you can quickly calculate how much Pi you can mine in a given day. You can increase your mining rank to boost your earnings.