Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Find the top 10 cryptocurrencies that offer dividends.

You can get dividends from crypto funds you own if you are one of these people.

What are Cryptocurrency Dividends and How Can They Help You?

These dividends can be paid in cash or shares.

You will receive a share of the profits of the network if you invest in tokens and stake them.

These things may seem similar but they are different:

  • Staking awards are given to users in return for maintaining the network, while dividends are earned from the project’s profits.
  • While stake rewards come with fees, dividend payouts are free.
  • Dividends pay out more frequently.
  • Staking is essential to maintain the network. Dividends are not.

How to make passive income from crypto

Two main methods to make passive income with crypto are:

  • To purchase and hold tokens of an crypto exchange that pays out dividends;
  • To invest in crypto and receive passive income.

We start by listing all the exchanges that pay dividends for token holders.

Kucoin (KCS)

Kucoin, a Hong Kong-based exchange, has begun paying crypto dividends for those who purchase and hold exchange tokens.

Crypto dividends will increase with higher exchange turnover.

You must have at least six KCS tokens to start earning passive crypto income. Keep them on the platform.


These users receive a 40% referral rate, along with 50 bonus votes, 14% relative airdrop increase and 1000 daily FTT withdrawals free of charge, as well as 6 IEO tickets.


Passive income from crypto dividends is a much better investment than saving money. It offers a return of around 35-50% annually.

What Cryptocurrencies Pay Dividends

We have compiled a list of the top cryptos that pay crypto dividends and staking rewards.


DCR stakers could receive as much as 30% annually in dividends.


It is quite possible to stake ONT.

Staking Tokens


Reddit’s PoS protocol allows Reddcoin holders to earn as much as 5% per year on their holdings.

Neblio allows you to buy or sell this cryptocurrency that pays dividends.

Neblio pays its skaters to keep tokens in a wallet.

Considering the low price of NEBL (a Neblio token), staking NEBL tokens could be extremely profitable over the long-term.


You can still make a steady income from crypto passively if you choose the right wallet.


A holder can earn 0.00042 VTHOR per day by placing one VET.


PIVX staking generates 4.8% annual dividend coins income.

It is however, easy to fix with cloud staking.


Token stakers have the opportunity to receive 5% per year from the amount they stake.

How do you pay taxes from your crypto dividends?

It is the user’s responsibility, therefore, to determine whether or not they must pay tax on crypto dividends and, if so, how.

Are trading profits better than dividends?

Although trading profits can be much higher than dividend income, there are still risks of losing all your invested money.


It is important to choose the right cryptocurrency and verify that the dividends will be paid according to the conditions.