Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

They are now an alternative to government-issued money.

What is Cryptocurrency?

It can transfer value without the use of a middleman and is not controlled or issued by any central authority. Each cryptocurrency uses its own blockchain technology.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano are some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies.

The Indian Scenario

Although the Centre expressed concern about cryptocurrencies in India and the RBI wanted to create its own digital currency in India, India still has the largest number of crypto-owners in the world.

What are Cryptocurrency Apps and How Do They Work?

These apps are available both for iOS and Android users.

What are the Top Cryptocurrency Apps In India?

WazirX and CoinswitchKuber are some of the most popular crypto apps in India.

WazirX – The Best Cryptocurrency Apps In India

You can also secure your account with a 2FA (or app passcode) that can be activated from your phone’s settings.

Coinswitch Kuber – The Best Cryptocurrency Apps In India

It is based in Bengaluru and has been funded by VCs.

Top Cryptocurrency Apps In IndiaZebpay

It charges a monthly membership fee of 0.0001 BTC and a 0.1% trading fee when traders enter and exit on the same day.

Top Cryptocurrency Apps In IndiaCoinDCX

It is easy to use for beginners.

Top Cryptocurrency Apps for IndiaBinance App India

You can easily transfer assets between WazirX or Binance at no additional cost.

The Best Cryptocurrency Apps In India – Unocoin

It is partnered with e-commerce firms to allow users to redeem gift vouchers purchased using bitcoin.

Top Cryptocurrency Apps In IndiaCoinbase

It has high transaction fees, and few altcoins.


Before investing in cryptocurrency apps, it is crucial to verify the company’s financial situation, including the fiat supported, minimum deposit required, trading fees, liquidity, security and reputation customer support.